1.1. What is Armor Factory?
Armor Factory is a Spanish company dedicated to the sector of replicas of suits. It is born with the clear vocation to seek the total satisfaction of the client and for this he works with professionalism for the distribution of his products. Armor Factory acts as a manufacturer and distributor in the national territory.
1.2. Who is it for?
Armor Factory is aimed at a broad audience that demands replicas opening a new commercial window thanks to a virtual shopping platform that puts Armor Factory in contact with its customers, with multiple orders and with home delivery.
1.3. What services does it offer?
This business tool will offer new possibilities to the Armor Factory customer, among which we have the necessary technology to make purchases in a Web environment. Users who visit the platform can access the entire catalog of products produced by Armor Factory.
In addition, the platform integrates different measurement tools and data collection of interest for further analysis and to feed knowledge about the use of the platform, the behavior of our users and possible improvements in transactions made through the website.
2.1. Object
The purpose of these General Conditions of Contract is to gather the terms and conditions established by Armor Factory, the management company of the Platform, which will govern the contracting of the services offered on the website (hereinafter, the “Website”).
For the purposes of these General Conditions of Contract, Armor Factory will be considered SELLER and the customer or end user, that of BUYER or USER.
In any case, the use of the services of the Website by its Users implies the express acceptance of the terms included in these General Contracting Conditions.
2.2. Previous registration process.
For the use of the services offered by the Platform, prior compliance with certain requirements that must be met by Users to obtain registration in the Platform is required.
2.2.1. Previous registration
The User must register on the platform in order to formalize an order or purchase following the procedure indicated to the effect on the web
2.2.2. Confirmation of the registration in the Platform.
After verification by Armor Factory of the correct fulfillment of all the requirements indicated in the previous section, and in the shortest possible time, Armor Factory will send an email to the email address provided by the User in which it will be informed of the fulfillment of the aforementioned requirements to register and be able to make use of the services offered by the Platform, in which, in addition, and in case of fulfilling all the requirements, a username and password will be assigned to it, with which the user can access the services offered on the platform.
Users may modify their password, and in this case Armor Factory will send a new email, as soon as possible, to the address confirming the validity of the modification.
Users are solely responsible for the security in the use of the username and its password and must ensure that they are not fraudulently employed in the Platform.
2.2.3 Edition of the User Profile.
Once the user’s registration confirmation on the Platform has been received, he / she may access his / her Account on the Site and must complete his / her own User Profile, entering the necessary data in the different fields, according to the steps indicated on the Site.
The Completion of the data requested by Armor Factory when registering User is mandatory, so that its omission will prevent the completion of the User Profile and, therefore, the use of the Services offered by the Platform.
The platform allows users to edit their profile at any time by modifying the included data and saving the new data entered. However, modification of certain data must be previously validated by Armor Factory.
The data entered by the Users during the creation of their Profile must be true, accurate and updated, in order that the purchase process is properly developed. In this sense, Users must ensure that they do not introduce any erroneous, false or inaccurate information, and in case of detecting errors or inaccuracies they must proceed to modify them immediately, either through the Website Profile editing tool.
2.3. Purchase process.
2.3.1. Purchase schedule
The time to place an order through the Platform is from Monday to Sunday, in uninterrupted hours. In this sense in case of placing the order outside of business hours, this is:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The order will be processed on the immediately following business day.
2.3.2 Placing orders
The execution and purchase of the different products offered on the platform will be done through the so-called “cart” where you can add and remove products during the purchase process, as explained below.
Armor Factory will provide all the products offered with a description relative to, characteristics, details and price in order to inform the User always in the most detailed way.
Once the user has finished adding products to your shopping cart, you will access the summary of your purchase where you can view the products you have selected, their characteristics, prices and, where appropriate, indicate a shipping address to which the supplier of shipments of Armor Factory will send the order.
Indicated the shipping address, the User must enter the required payment information, also checking the box relative to the acceptance of Armor Factory’s privacy policy enabled for this purpose. The non-marking of this box will prevent the successful completion of the purchase process.
Once the order is confirmed, where the product will be indicated, its essential characteristics, together with the final price indicating the applicable taxes, shipping costs and the address of this, the user will be sent to the payment gateway through the virtual payment system, where through it, the final purchase will be executed, receiving the corresponding confirmation e-mail of the operation carried out.
There may be a situation where the User wants to acquire a series of products and at the time of validating the purchase, that is, at the time of payment, Armor Factory reports that there is one of the requested products that cannot be validated. In these cases, Armor Factory will inform the user about the unavailability of the selected product being able to continue with the purchase process if there are additional products in the cart and discounting the final price, the product not validated.
2.3.3 Order confirmation.
Once the purchase process is completed, Armor Factory will send an order confirmation email with the following minimum information:
– Order number.
– Date and time of order execution.
– Date, time (approximate) and delivery address of the order.
– Class and number of products purchased, as well as their individual and total amount.
– Shipping costs.
– Taxes applicable.
– Total amount of the order.
In any case, every user can request a copy of the order contracted through the Armor Factory Customer Service through the email address
2.4. Delivery and returns of orders.
2.4.1 Deliveries
All orders will be subject to the availability of the products. If there are difficulties in the supply of products or if there are no items in stock, we will reimburse you any amount that you may have paid by phone or email.
The estimated delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks, as long as it refers to the production of armor, from the date of confirmation of the request. In any case, the possible delay in the delivery of the order acquired by the user will be the sole responsibility of the logistic partner, except for causes directly attributable to Armor Factory. For accessories, of course, delivery would include a shorter period of time, provided there is stock.
The User must consider the delivery schedule of the Armor Factory logistics partner. Within these hours, the logistics partner will make the delivery of your order at the address indicated by him in the purchase process.
If it is impossible to deliver the purchased product because the user or any other person is not at the address indicated for the purpose of delivery, your order will be returned to our warehouse, therefore you must contact us to proceed with your resubmission. In any case, if the user is not in the delivery place at the set time, he must inform Armor Factory accordingly to agree to another date or time.
If your order is available for delivery and is not delivered for reasons beyond the control of Armor Factory, we will understand that the customer intends to terminate the contract and we will consider it finalized once within 14 calendar days from the date your order is available for delivery.
2.4.2 Returns
Regardless of the right of withdrawal that assists each user, he may return the product only when it does not agree with what was contracted, and when there is any defect that prevents the correct use of it.
In order to perform the return, the user must contact Armor Factory so that he can indicate the steps to be followed for the correct collection of the order. The user must deliver the goods in the same package and declare that they have received them, however, Armor Factory after examination of the article will duly inform if he is entitled to the refund of the amounts paid in return.
2.5. Withdrawal (Renounce)
The user may exercise, without any motivation, the right of withdrawal within 14 calendar days of its signature. In case of not exercising the right of withdrawal in the period, it will be deemed expired and without effect. The User may exercise his right through the same means in which he has made the contract.
As established in local law, once the user has exercised the right of withdrawal, Armor Factory will return any amounts that may have been received from the User, except for those values that correspond to the proportional part of the service that was provided. The parties will return the amounts as soon as possible and, in any case, within a maximum period of 14 calendar days.
The user may exercise his right to withdraw from the purchase made through the functionality activated for this purpose in the site or by sending an email to the address of the registered user’s address in the service.
In case of withdrawal, the Armor Factory return all payments received, including the costs of delivery without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on which we are informed of the decision to waive this agreement. The refund will be made through the same payment method used in the purchase process. You will incur no expenses as a result of the refund. However, above, Armor Factory may retain the refund until the goods have been received.
2.6. Shipping costs.
The general shipping costs of the products purchased on the Armor Factory website will be billed according to the prices determined by the logistics operator with which Armor Factory works. The corresponding shipping cost will be duly informed to the user in the purchase process, before the end of it.
These shipping costs will be paid by the user, along with the total amount of the purchase made.
Regarding the shipping costs associated with the return of orders, they will also be borne by the user, except for the exercise of the right of return described in these General Terms and Conditions.
2.7. Payment and virtual POS (Point of Sale)
2.7.1 Payment
The prices quoted on the site include taxes, while shipping costs will be added to the full amount once the item is in the shopping cart.
Armor Factory informs that the prices can change at any time, although, the change will not affect the orders already executed by the User.
As for the means of payment, the user can use Visa and Mastercard as payment method. Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorizations by the issuer of the same, but if the entity does not authorize payment, Armor Factory will not be responsible in any case for any delay or failure to deliver and we cannot formalize any purchase order.
The Platform will request the payment data that the user must enter in the fields enabled for this purpose.
Once you have entered your card details, the user must press “Continue” to finish the purchase process. At that time, the virtual POS system validates the operation.
Once validated, the virtual PoS system makes full payment of the amounts included in the order, that is, the collection of the value of the products purchased in the shopping cart, when applicable, from the value of the shipping costs, as well as the corresponding taxes in each case.
2.8. Responsibility
Armor Factory will only be responsible for damages that may be caused to the price of the product due to the indications contained in the body of these Conditions.
Armor Factory will not be liable for damages or losses caused by decisions taken based on the information disseminated by this means or any inaccuracies, omissions or errors contained therein.
Also, Armor Factory is not responsible for damages of any nature that may arise from the knowledge that may have unauthorized third parties of the data of Users, including their user names and passwords, and the use made in the Website.
Armor Factory is not responsible for the defective fulfillment or breach in the services provided by the Collaborating Entities.
2.9. Privacy
Users can consult the Armor Factory Privacy Policy in the following link Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the Website
2.10. Online Help Service
Armor Factory informs Users that they can consult any type of doubt or make any suggestion related to the Platform and the service provided by it, to the Armor Factory Online Help Service.
For this, Users can contact through any of the following communication channels:
– Through our E-mail: The answers to your questions will be answered by Armor Factory at the time described below:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
– Through our Telephone: 610 748 081 in the schedule described in the previous paragraph.
2.11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
These General Conditions of Contract governing this Website and all relationships that may arise are governed by Spanish law that is applicable.
Any dispute that may arise from the access or use of this Website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the judges and courts of the city of Málaga (Spain)
The present site is property of ARMOUR FACTORY, SL, (hereinafter, Armor Factory “) with registered office at C / Fragua 1, 7ºC and CIF B93541142, registered in the Mercantile Register of Málaga Volume 5609 Folio 66 Section Sheet MA-139095 Registration 1st
Phone: +34 610 748 081