Sand Soldier


This is the easiest way to get a complete replica of the Sand Soldier armour. You can choose between the kit or the original assembly and finishing.

This is the easiest way to get a complete replica of the Sand Soldier armour with different options.

   — Assembled. In case you choose this option, a measurements form will be provided so that we can better adjust the armour to your build.  This option includes:

  • Finished helmet replica.

  • Finished armour replica with the original assembly seen on screen.

  • Weathering.

  • AFProps” two-piece undersuit.

  • Rubber gloves with latex hand protectors.

  • Canvas belt.

  • Neck seal.

  • Balaclava.

  • Pauldron (white, black or orange) and 3 Pouches.

  • Boots.

 — Kit, to be assembled. This option includes:

  • Helmet replica kit.

  • Armour replica kit.

  • Strapping Pack (necessary elements for the correct assembly).

This model can be completed with a resin E-11 blaster. It is completely finished (assembled, painted and detailed sight) in the “Mounted” option or in a kit with the necessary strapping for mounting it in the “Kit” option.

Don’t overthink it, join the Imperial Fleet ranks!

All our products are made trying to be true to the original, from the screws and assembly up to the “flaws”. They are as close to the canon as possible and following the CRL of the 501st step by step, so that gaining access to that organization is easier for all those who want to join. Most pictures show complete costumes, not what is supplied. The description will include a detailed list of everything included. As a rule, these parts will be supplied: hard parts (helmet, armour, ABS parts…). Soft parts (overalls, boots, belts, etc.) and weaponry aren’t usually included. These parts can be acquired if the option Full Commission is selected or separately in the Accessories section. In case you have any doubts, Please feel free to reach us at our email. May the force be with you.

Additional information

Weight 28.8 kg

Sand Soldier assembled with blaster, Sand Soldier assembled without blaster, Sand Soldier assembled (ONLY armour), Sand Soldier kit with blaster, Sand Soldier kit without blaster


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